Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Thermal Ribbons & Wax Resin Ribbons offer one of the widest selections of thermal transfer ribbons available, at very affordable and highly competitive prices.

To compliment our full range of thermal transfer labels, offer a vast range of Thermal ribbons from general purpose wax to high performance resin ribbons. All thermal ribbons supplied are compatible with all popular printer models such as TEC, Sato, Zebra, Datamax, Toshiba and many more. Contact one of our ribbon helpers on 0845 026 4232, for hassle free and helpful advice, they will be able to direct you to the correct and most suitable ribbon for your printer and your application.

Wax Ribbons
The wax ribbons are the cheaper and more commonly used option of Thermal ribbons; they are normally used in general labelling applications such as shipping and warehousing for example, or even for barcode labels. At we would recommend this very economical ribbon when the printed label is used for general labelling and identification purposes.

Wax Resin Ribbons
Wax resin ribbons are a popular product choice when the application requires a higher element of resistance to scratch and smearing. Wax resin ribbons guarantee a higher quality print on either matt, semi gloss or full gloss label materials.  This ribbon is also used for printers with high speed to provide high density of print.

Full Resin Ribbons
We offer the full resin ribbon range for certain applications, for example when it is very important that no scuffing of scratching occurs, maybe for point of sale labels or barcode labels or labels that may come into contact with moisture. This ribbon can be used with both paper labels uncoated and coated and also polyester based label media, the final print from this ribbon offers a high level of durability for industrial uses.

As a general rule of thumb there are two factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate ribbon type.

RIBBONS Type Quality
Normal Wax Ribbons      Medium Quality
Wax Resin Ribbons   Higher Quality
Full Resin Ribbons      Highest Quality
LABEL Paper Type
Normal Wax Ribbons      For use on General labels
Wax Resin Ribbons   Semi-gloss and satin labels
Full Resin Ribbons     

High gloss and varnished labels

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with no obligation. Our friendly team are experts in the full range of Thermal transfer ribbons, contact us on 0845 026 4232 or simply email us at


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