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Ordering direct thermal labels from could not be simpler, contact us at anytime by phone on 0845 026 4232 or by email at, for any further help you may require or with your requirements.

Many of our direct thermal labels are available on a next day delivery basis. Whether its direct thermal labels on rolls you are looking for or direct thermal labels that are fan folded, can meet with your requirements quickly, if the goods you require are not held in stock then our production team pride themselves with a fast and efficient manufacturing turn around time.

The nature of direct thermal labels means that NO ribbon is required to print on to the direct thermal material. Heat generated from the printer head creates the image on this special label material. Unlike Thermal Transfer Labels where a ribbon is used to produce the image, Direct Thermal label material reacts specifically to the heat from the print head, the Label material is thermal coated or uncoated with a black Image thermal sensitive coating, a Chemi-Thermal reaction on the label surface takes place through heat to produce the black image. This way of printing your thermal labels is fast and easy as no ribbon is involved.

The two types of direct thermal materials available are either coated or uncoated. The coated direct thermal label material has an extra coating which provides durability against marking or scratching, resistance against fading in sunlight and is also solvent and grease resistant., Top coated Direct thermal labels are useful for applications such as point of sales labels and also barcode labels.

Uncoated direct thermal label material is more popular for short term use but is the most economical material of the two thermal label materials, often used for box or bag labels in shipping and distribution. An easy way to identify weather or not your current label is coated or uncoated is to simply wet your finger and gently rub the label surface, if the label goes slightly grey, this would more commonly be classed as an uncoated Thermal Label. If your are unsure there are other test our team can do over the phone for you, contact us on
0845 026 4232

At you are not just limited to plain white direct thermal material with a permanent adhesive; we also offer a removable adhesive and a deep freeze adhesive for that specialised application. Removable adhesive is a popular adhesive within the retail industry where the label needs to be removed from a surface without damaging the surface or product of which it has been applied. As it suggests the deep freeze adhesive is used in freezer conditions and cold storage applications.  In addition to plain white direct thermal labels, we specialise in coloured direct thermal labels also in all of the adhesives mentioned. Any pantone reference can be matched to print your direct thermal labels to the exact colour you require.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with no obligation. Our friendly team are experts in all manner of Direct Thermal Labels, contact us on 0845 026 4232 or simply email us at

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