Coloured Labels, Colour Printed Labels & Coloured Thermal Transfer Labels

As well as plain white Thermal Transfer labels and also Direct thermal Labels, coloured thermal labels are also a very popular option. Often fully coloured in bright colours for use as identification as use as warehouse labels, pallet labels and also box labels.  Coloured labels are also used for colour coding and also as stock taking labels. We offer a full colour pantone service which in short basically mean you can choose literally any colour you require and also as many multiple colours as you need, as well as a large number of stock colours.  Choosing coloured Thermal labels on rolls, gives you the ability to over print your labels using your own thermal printers onto what ever coloured labels you choose.

Coloured labels material & Adhesive options:
Our range of coloured labels are available in a number of label adhesive types such as:  High Tack,  Normal Permanent, Removable /Low tack, Deep Freeze and also Cover up / Block over adhesive.  In addition to the adhesive variations we also can colour wash all the normal label face surfaces, from matt, and gloss thermal transfer labels, right through to direct thermal which are either coated and uncoated.

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